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Making-Mosaics E-zine, Issue #004
February 08, 2011

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Issue number 004, February 2011

Welcome to the Making-Mosaics E-zine! I hope you will find it informative and fun. If you have any questions or comments, or you have an interesting topic you would like me to cover in the next issue, please let me know by hitting the reply button!

Well the holidays have come and gone! I hope you all had the chance to share this special time of year with your loved ones.

I try to continuously add content in the web site and had an idea! I need your input!

Are there any mosaic projects you would like to see that I still have not covered?

Are there mosaic patterns you would like me to add? If you have ideas for the web site please let me know by clicking on the Reply button! I will do my best in the coming weeks to add these items.

What's New in

Thanks to the contest we had in December there have been many new submissions in the Gallery page. So if you have not had the time to look at all the great mosaics submitted I suggest you do… it might give you ideas for your next mosaic.

Your Gallery

If you still haven't added yours, you can, it's easy! Just upload your image and story and in the process create your very own web page. You can then share this web page with friends, family and other readers of, they can even comment on your work!

I added a new project, mosaic picture frames or mirror frames. This page will guide you through the process and give you ideas for your own picture frame.

Mosaic Picture Frames

Mosaic News

1,500-year-old church found in Israel

Israeli archaeologists presented a newly uncovered 1,500-year-old church in the Judean hills which had an unusually well-preserved mosaic floor containing images of lions, foxes, fish and peacocks.

Apparently the small basilica’s floor, active between the fifth and seventh centuries A.D.,was "one of the most beautiful mosaics to be uncovered in Israel in recent years. It is unique in its craftsmanship and level of preservation".

The Byzantine church located southwest of Jerusalem which has been excavated ever since December when archaeologists began digging at the site, known as Hirbet Madras will only be visible for two more weeks before it will be covered up again with soil to protect it, and will remain covered until funding is obtained to open it as a tourist site.

The Antiquities Authority discovered several months earlier that antiquities thieves had begun plundering the ruins, which sit on an uninhabited hill not far from an Israeli farming community.

Read the full story…

Special offers

Delphi Glass - Art Glass Tools & Supplies always has a special for you.

Also stay tuned for more contests in the near future, where I will be giving out more prices to people who upload their mosaics in the Gallery page.

Well that is it for now! Have a great February!

Regards Paul

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