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Making-Mosaics E-zine, Issue #001
May 31, 2010

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Issue number 001, May 2010

Welcome to the very first issue of the Making-Mosaics E-zine! I hope you will find it informative and fun. If you have any questions or comments, or you have an interesting topic you would like me to cover in the next issue, please let me know by hitting the reply button!

Well spring is finally here! For those of you who have a winter this is a wonderful time of year, and a great time for making mosaics outdoors. I know that for me living in Montreal, spring is always a long awaited time of year. Along with all your spring cleaning chores make sure you set aside time for a mosaic summer project such as a mosaic flower pot or a mosaic stepping stone.

What's New in

The last three months have been busy! Along with the addition of this E-Zine, I also added a Your Gallery page. This page enables you to show off your mosaics to the world. Just upload your image and story and in the process create your very own web page. You can then share this web page with friends, family and other readers of, they can even comment on your work! Many people have already added content… To see just click on this link

Your Gallery

I also added a new project. A mosaic trivet, a very good project for beginners. You can see the details by clicking on the following link

Mosaic Trivets

To come in the next months I will add more simple projects for beginners and a featured artist page.

Mosaic News

Finally a long hidden mosaic revealed in a cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. It is an angel, roughly 700-year-old, which was covered when the city, once called Constantinople, fell to the Ottomans in 1453. When the cathedral became a mosque, the mosaics were plastered over following Muslim custom prohibiting the representation of humans. When restoration and conservation of the cathedral began last year, the Turkish government approved the removal of the plaster revealing the face of a mosaic angel. Click the following link to read the New York Times article with a beautiful picture of the whole angel.

Special offers

Delphi Class has a new contest called The Ring Of Fire Artist Challenge. The contest is open to anyone. All participants will receive a FREE GIFT just for entering and 15% off select items. Winners are awarded hundreds of dollars worth of prizes, including a grand prize of a Delphi EZ-Pro Deluxe Kiln worth over $800. Enter here

Art Contest - Win Prizes!

Well that is it for this issue! Hope you have a great spring / summer!


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