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And the winner of the spring 2012 Making Mosaics random draw is...
May 19, 2012

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Contest statistics and winner

First I would like to thank everybody who submitted a mosaic in the Gallery. Is has been a success with over 40 entries. I will continue with more contests in the near future.

I received many different types all of which were beautiful!

It is nice to see all the talent and work done by you and you can always look at them anytime you wish. They are all available for you to look at and be inspired here Mosaic Gallery

You can also, if you like post your comments to the artist owner as well. All of the mosaics have a link to post comments.

All mosaics submitted are also in the April 2012 Mosaic Gallery Contest Entries Facebook album

Now enough said!

The winner who was chosen by a random draw and is

John Thwaites from Milton Keynes UK

who submitted the 1st Project Mosaic table.

John will receive a $50 gift certificate to use towards the purchase of anything in my shop section.

Thanks again to everybody who submitted a mosaic in the gallery!!! And congratulation John!

My campaign to raise money for cancer research

My campaign to raise money for cancer research is going well! All you have to do to contribute is purchase tiles from my shop section.

Yes! This summer on July 7 and 8, I will be participating in a 150 mile (240km) bike ride to raise money for cancer research. So until June 30 all proceeds from my ceramic shop section will go directly towards my campaign!

So if you have not yet purchased tiles from my shop section now is the time! Not only will you get beautiful original ceramic tiles but you will also be helping to fund cancer research.

If you would like to make a personal donation you can also, just hit the reply button and I will send you to my personal web page where you can make an online donation.

Yes Making Mosaics is on FaceBook! Facebook page for Making-Mosaics Also the place to ask questions is you prefer that over the contact us page.

Well thanks again for reading and being part of

Hope you are having a great spring!


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