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Making-Mosaics E-zine, Issue #003
October 25, 2010

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Issue number 003, October 2010

Welcome to the Making-Mosaics E-zine! I hope you will find it informative and fun. If you have any questions or comments, or you have an interesting topic you would like me to cover in the next issue, please let me know by hitting the reply button!

Well we are right in the middle of fall. I hope you all had a chance to make a mosaic during the summer!

Making Mosaics is having a contest, the prize is a 50 $ gift certificate to one of my suppliers. To enter is easy! For each mosaic you upload that is accepted, from now until November 30, 2010, in the Making Mosaics Gallery Page you get one chance to win. Add 2 and get 2 chances…

The contest is opened until November 30th 2010. So go and add your mosaic to the Making Mosaics Gallery page for a chance to win.

If you are unable to open the link just copy and paste the following URL to go directly to the Gallery page form to add your own mosaic.

What's New in

Well this past month has been busy as always! However I always try to add new content in the web site for you, the readers.

The FAQ page is always growing with new questions and answers.

As a new project I added a mosaic shower stall page page, where I outline the basic steps for building a mosaic shower stall. Not a small project but a very rewarding one! Unable to open the previous link? Just copy paste the following URL

Also available on this page is a great new video by Randy Davis explaining everything you need to know about building a ceramic shower stall and installing ceramic.

Again you can copy paste the following URL in your browser

Mosaic News

6th Century Mosaic found at Tel Shikmona, Israel

Researchers have found a magnificent mosaics dating back to the Byzantine Period in the sixth century, while excavating at Tel Shikmona in Israel. The mosaics are thought to be part of an ecclesiastic structure.

The excavations are taking place as part of a project funded by the Hecht Foundation to expand the Hecht Park in Haifa, Israel and transform the Shikmona into a public archaeological park.

Archaeological excavations were undertaken in the 1960 and 70s, but the earlier findings have been damaged ever since by piled up construction waste and off-road vehicles.

Now excavation has started again by the Zinman Institute of Archaeology at the University of Haifa.

To read the full story and see pictures click here.

Or copy paste the following URL

Special offers

You can get up to 80% off at Dick Blick Art Materials through this link: Well that is it for this issue!

Do not forget to upload your mosaics for your chance to win the 50$ gift certificate.

Regards Paul

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