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Making-Mosaics E-zine, Issue #008
March 16, 2012

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Issue number 008, March 2012

Already in mid-march! Spring is just around the corner and I will soon be able to use my wet saw outside without it freezing up!

Off subject but very important to me is my next topic. This summer on July 7 and 8, I will be participating in a 220 km (140 miles) bike ride to raise money for cancer research. So starting now and until June 30th, all proceeds I make from my shop section will go towards my campaign! So if you have not yet purchased tiles from my shop section now is the time! Not only will you get beautiful original ceramic tiles but you will be helping to fund cancer research.

If you would like to make a personal donation you can also, just hit the reply button and I will send you to my personal web page where you can make an online donation.

What's New in

I am continually adding new handmade mosaic tiles in my shop section. This page is constantly updated with all my new tiles. Go have a look and enjoy!

So many of you are adding your mosaics to the Gallery section! On behalf of all the readers I thank you! We now have over 90 of your mosaics displayed there. If this continues I will need to classify them :)

You can see all the mosaics here, and don’t be shy, add your own comments, or better yet add your own mosaic!

Of course Making Mosaics is on FaceBook! Facebook page for Making-Mosaics

Mosaic News

Iowa City unveils multi-million dollar sports and wellness centre with two feature mosaics.

The University of Iowa's new Recreation and Wellness Centre has been designed to offer students world class facilities, in particular swimming and diving.

Gary Drostle, a mosaic artist from London, was commissioned by the University to create two mosaics. These mosaics were made to compliment and enliven the new spaces and reflect both the character of the building and the local area.

One of the mosaics in the entrance called 'Movement & Vitality' depicts the energy of many of the activities that go on in the centre. The other mosaic is in the buildings 3 story atrium, 'The River of Life' is nearly 50 feet long and over 10 feet wide. The mosaic represents the local Iowa River, meandering its way through the Iowa fields.

See a video here.

Well thanks again for reading and being part of

Hope you have a great spring!


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