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Welcome to Making Your Own Mosaic!

A mosaic will beautify any surface. The possibilities are truly endless! This is the source for information on making your own mosaics. You will find everything from free mosaic designs and detailed advice to mosaic tools and mosaic tile supplies, along with a guide to help you select your mosaic material.


Brilliant site. Simple, effective, and inspirational.

I came across your site on Google. I would like to say how great it is that you share alot of info for beginners like myself and the fact that you give your patterns for others to enjoy.

You have a great website ...very helpful. I am just teaching myself to do this so I go to it alot and will continue to.
Thanks for helping!

Hi! What a great site you have! Thank you!!!

Hi! I just found your website and adore it already. I'm sure I will be contacting you about many things, I hope you don't mind.
Thanks, Libby

Thank you so much Paul for your time and information. Your advise regarding the plywood was awesome.
All positive feed back. Thank you.

Thank you so much for answering my question.
I love your site I've learned a lot from it.

Your info is really really helpful!
Thank you SO much Paul.
I will let you know how it turns out.
Best regards,

Great site, well done. I have been a tiler for over 20 years now, still learning!
Getting into mosaic work now and again with all my broken peices:)
This site is on my favorites now really really good!

Hi Paul,
I found your website by pure chance and THANK YOU for posting all the information.
I love your patterns and pictures posted.
Thank you again

Hi Paul,
Your instructions are wonderful.
Thank you so very much for your kind help.

Your web page is terrific. Your presentation and explanation of creating a mosaic piece is simple and easy to understand. I remain confident there will be many more people in the world wanting to mosaic resultant of your desire to teach them via the web page.
Thanks so much for including me....I'm honored!
Deborah Ferrante

If you think you don't know how, think again! It can be very easy, just don't worry about making it perfect. This individuality will add to the character and uniqueness of your mosaic!

Now you're planning on renovating a part of your home and want to do something unique! Here are just a few places where you can display your own work of art

  • Floors where you can insert medallions or borders
  • Kitchens where you can create an original backsplash or counter top
  • Fireplace mantles
  • Bathrooms
  • Table tops
  • Countless smaller mosaic tile projects such as mosaic flower pots, stepping stones and coasters
My first Mosaic Medallion made with left over porcelain tiles

Mosaic art is very addictive! Once you have taken the time to make one of your own you will be amazed by just how easy it can be with a bit of patience and guidance. So go ahead and make one using any of the free mosaic designs supplied and for sure you will want to create more!

Have your kids participate in their creation. My nine year old son helped me create some. I gave him a pair of protective glasses, a hammer and waste tiles and told him to make little pieces! Today he proudly says that he helped dad create this one!

So now you want to create your own mosaic but just don't know where to start!

Then why don't you browse through the projects and free mosaic patterns pages to help you decide!

New at! You can now purchase beautiful handmade glass mosaic crafts, have a look at the current selection of stained glass coasters and enjoy!

If you are still wondering what to do and how to start, just let me know using the contact us page and I will help you out!

You can also select through a wide range of other arts and crafts ideas. You will find free craft projects for everyone, from clay pot crafts to wine cork crafts. You will find many different ideas to work with.

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About the Author of
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Site map for
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Beautiful Compass Rose with the four elements of nature

Details of a floor mosaic
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