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Useful Mosaic Tile Supplies To Help You With Your Mosaic Tile Projects

The mosaic tile supplies section covers everything you will need, other than the tools and materials, to help you create your mosaic art project.

You can visit the tools page for a description of the mosaic tools needed for making your mosaic, or the materials page to help you choose the mosaic material best suited for your project.

Mosaic tile Grout

There are two types of grout, sanded and un-sanded. I mostly use sanded grout, un-sanded grout should only be used for glass tiles or when your grout lines are thinner than 1/8 inch.

Your mosaic color grout can drastically change the look of your mosaic. Use dark colors for a bigger tile contrast. Darker grouts will also give more depth to your mosaic, whereas lighter colors will give a more even look with less contrast.

Mosaic tile mesh and Mounting paper

Mosaic tile mesh is made of fiberglass and is used with the double direct method. You glue your pieces of tile onto the fibreglass mesh sheet then transfer it to where you want your mosaic. Just make sure you set your mosaic mesh on a non stick surface such wax paper or parchment paper so you don't glue your pieces to your working table.

Mounting paper is used with the indirect method. This method is more difficult than the double direct method but is best when your tiles are not all the same thickness.

Mosaic Tile Grids

Use mosaic tile grids to make patterns and designs with perfect grout lines. Mosaic tile mounting grids come in either 3/4 or 3/8 inches in size.

Weldbond Glue

An amazing water based adhesive that handles like plain white glue but with a much stronger hold. Use Weldbond glue for indoor projects with small pieces.

Mosaic stepping stone mold

Stepping stones molds are used to make exactly that, mosaic stepping stones. Just pour concrete into the mold and press your tiles into the concrete, let it dry and then release from the mold. It is a great mosaic project for beginners.

Mosaic bases

Mosaic bases include everything from table bases to mosaic picture frames.

Mosaic Starter Kits

The mosaic starter kit is a perfect way to get the essentials you need to get started now. A good starter kit should include tiles, glue, grout and mosaic tools.

Mosaic Art Books

The mosaic art books recommended here are chosen because they all have very good explanation and numerous illustrations of mosaic art and techniques.

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