Mom's Taiwan Mosaic lamp
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Mom's Taiwan Mosaic lamp

by Henda Venter
(Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa)

Mom's Taiwan Mosaic lamp

Mom's Taiwan Mosaic lamp

My mom bought a beautiful handmade lamp in Taiwan, while working in Taipei in 1986. She loved this lamp. A few years ago, one of our family members accidently bumped it and it broke, well the damage was not bad and a friend of my mom fixed it.

Well then unfortunatly a year ago my mom's cats finally broke the lamp in pieces. She was heart broken, I told her I will fix it, but as a mosaic piece. And she agreed.

Back home I had a round glass-vase, and used that as a base, but a hole was needed at the bottom of the vase for the electrical wire, a friend sandblasted the hole for me. I used the tile clippers to form basically the same size pieces, then glued the pottery peaces to the glass-vase with "Mirror Silicone". You have to work slow, because the silicone dries slow and the work surface is round. When I was sure the silicone dried properly, I've grouted the lamp with white grout and cleaned the piece. Then put me and my hubby put the other parts together. And Wha-la a new lamp.
Last Sunday we invited my mom for lunch and gave her the brand new "Mosaic Taiwan Lamp". She could not believe her eyes.
I've enjoyed making this lamp very much, it is very special to me, and I get a lot of compliments.

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